If you are not an experienced consumer of podcasts, you might want to give one a try. The podcasts I listen to offer me valuable insights about leadership and collaboration. Most are available as a free subscription via an app on your phone. Thinking about them as an on-demand radio show, I listen to podcasts in the car, on plane trips, and at home in lieu of turning on the television.

In my blog reviewing Adam Grant’s book, Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World, I wrote about how Grant combines academic research with strong business cases to explore and upend myths about creativity. Adam is an organizational psychologist who works extensively with Silicon Valley companies. His podcast is called Work Life with Adam Grant. He interviews leaders and experts on topics related to “how to make work not suck.”

One of my favorite recent episodes is Adam’s interview with a professional distance runner in which he explores how healthy rivalries can bring out the best in individuals and companies – think Serena and Venus, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Picasso and Matisse!

Let me know what you think about Work Life with Adam Grant!

Photo credit: Adam Grant

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