Voices in my head that are not my own: This is how I think of podcasts. These days, one of my favorite set of voices to listen to is HBR Women at Work hosted by Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Nicole Torres – three Harvard Business School powerhouses who think deeply about gender in the workplace. Although Harvard is known for exploring the lofty questions of our time, I like this podcast for its everyday pragmatism.

In a recent episode entitled Sorry, Not Sorry the hosts interviewed a psychology researcher who shared the results of her study, “Why Women Apologize More than Men.” Their discussion went well beyond the stereotypical profile of the “over-apologizer” to explore other ways in which women use self-minimizing language. The episode concludes with expert advice on how women (and men) can break the “sorry” habit.

Several Women at Work episodes delve into the theme of “sisterhood” in the workplace – that special quality of trust, understanding, and mutual support that can be built among women. Specifically, these episodes explore why said sisterhood is surprisingly scarce, the power that comes from it when it’s present, and how to cultivate it.

Each episode of Women at Work has a discussion guide which can also be used in groups or for independent self-reflection. And, of course, Women at Work is not just for women. Every episode I listen to helps me uncover my own blind spots and false assumptions about gender at work.

What podcast do you find enhance your capacity to lead well?

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