Taking a break from writing my own blog allows me the opportunity to appreciate the writing and wisdom of others. One such writer is Margaret Wheatley (aka Meg). If you haven’t encountered insights from “Meg” before, I am happy to introduce you to her.

Wheatley’s website doesn’t offer a traditional blog but it does contain a library of articles she has written on topics ranging from leadership, complexity, organizational change, and the power of relationship.

One of the recent articles listed on the site is entitled Who Do You Choose to Be? An Invitation to the Nobility of Leadership. In this article she writes about leaders who persevere in the face of obstacles, setbacks, slander, and hate: “They have made a choice to do the right thing, clear about their values, connected to those they lead, unwilling to succumb to fear or aggression. They are committed to staying in their work, exemplars of integrity and possibility no matter what is occurring in the external environment.”

Add to my list of inspiration! Who do you read online?

Photo Courtesy of Margaret Wheatley

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